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Susanne Marie
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(Note, this is the Newsletter for 17 January, 2020! We apologise that this issue is taking longer to rectify than we throught.)
I am excited about Monday evening’s Vocational meeting. 
We will get to experience the work of a number of special people.   Just a reminder that it will be starting earlier than usual.  Arrive at 5.30pm, or even earlier, park as suggested by Colin Fraser, in the car park behind the hotel, then explore the veg gardens and landscaping, paving and stone walls which were all constructed by John Norris’s son Matt.
After gathering under the very tall Cedar/ Pine in front of the Uraidla Pub at 5.30pm for a 5.45pm tour of Oscar Matthews (Brett’s son)’s Brewery to hear his story, we have a quick tour of the bakery equipment which won’t be operating. We then sit down at 6.30pm in the Hills Hoist Room in the Pub to hear Colin’s daughter Julie Peter’s story of how she and her team resurrected the Pub from extinction.  This will be followed by the meal.  
There is still room for up to 10 more people so if you have not yet replied, please do so directly to Colin Fraser (by email or phone).
We were pleased to see and hear our Past (and first female) President Isobel Redmond last Monday evening and to listen to some of her adventures through life.
She certainly has come a long way since her humble beginnings in The Shire in Sydney to almost the first female Premier of South Australia.
Thanks to Stephen Blacketer for stepping up to become our next President and Neil for offering to fill the gap if Stephen has to go overseas at the beginning of his term.  Congratulations Stephen!
On Friday morning Tim Boon and Jan Lyon, along with Dan Edmonds and myself met two of the sculptors and Courtney Pasfield (2nd from right) from the National Trust re the sculpture exhibition in April/May this year.
We also witnessed one of the very fine entries for the exhibition brought along to be photographed for the poster. 
I am excited to see the progress of what will be another very successful event.
Marketing the Small Acreage Field Days to prospective exhibitors and sponsors is well underway. A Media Release has gone out to local governments, the regional press and community and commercial radio stations.  All members of the committee are now out on the road, knocking on doors, to get the word out to the business community quickly.
It was so heartening to see a great response to the two Tour Down Under BBQs and for the BBQ cooking on Australia Day.  Thank you so much to all those wonderful people who stepped up to the mark. In today’s event we had Stephen Blacketer, David Hogan, Malcolm Horton, Robert Koehne, Michelle Lesiw and John Osborne doing a fine job representing the Rotary Club of Stirling.
I look forward to seeing you all on Monday evening at Uraidla for another great evening
Yours in Rotary
Susanne Marie   President
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