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23 April, 2020
Hi everyone!
My apologies for a bit of a pause in even our newsletters.   On a personal level I have needed to step back to focus on changing my way of running my business.  I am also in the process of  finding a new residence as no one seems to need house sitters right now.
Yes. they look cuddly but they are a bit naughty and inclined to stray...
...and doesn't Stirling look lovely this time of year. 
The only people in town seem to be photographers!
I am anxious to hear how everyone is going and was particularly delighted to learn this week that Tim Boon became an Australian citizen on Monday!  Welcome, Tim. A huge asset to Australia!
There is still much work going on behind the scenes.
After a practice run the week before, we held our official board meeting on 20th April using the free version of Zoom.  It was a very successful meeting that was relaxing and fun.  We also  successfully conducted our full agenda of business with ease; some with a glass of wine close by. The full board minutes will be on the club website in due course. 
Rotary has now adopted Zoom for use by all clubs and has negotiated a special discount for the professional licence which allows meetings with no limit to the duration, the number of meetings or any practical limit on the number of participants. 
At the board meeting, we resolved to pay the licence fee of $240 per year so that it can be used more widely within the club.
Some of you may have read of security issues with Zoom. The fact is that every similar widely used platforms have also have had such problems.  Zoom, though, was able to quickly remedy the situation.  Emailed invitations to join a Zoom meeting now include passwords and everyone first goes into a "waiting room" until the host recognises and admits them.  
Big News!!!!!    To that end we are going to have a club social, on line Zoom meeting

Next Monday at 5:00pm! 

Dan will send you the invitation and information about how to join the meeting in the next few days by email. We will start as per our usual meetings with a toast, a short hello from me,  short reports from your Directors and then the meeting will be open to all.  I will be seeking your opinions if you have ideas.   The meeting may be as short as 30 minutes but if everyone is going OK we can extend.
We intend to get guest speakers in future and work out whether to have weekly or biweekly meetings.  All from the comfort of your own home.  Have a glass or cup of your favourite drink.  It will be a pre-dinner meeting on Monday so you can eat after!!
Dan has been researching lots of news so please read it all (to follow) and stay healthy and well.  Hope to see a good crowd on Monday.  I managed to work out this platform so at least give it a go!!  I miss you all.
Susanne Marie   President
Anyone wearing ankle bracelets yet?  smiley
                               I'm going out.  Need Anything?

What's App?

If you have not already done so, may we encourage you to download and install the "What's App?" app?  Get it on your smartphone from either the App Store or Google Play.
Search for the group Rotary Club of Stirling and join with other members.  As this is a "closed" group and everyone in our group is identified and validated,  discussions are safe and secure. Posts are visible to all in the group, but you can choose to send private messages to one or more individual group members if you wish.
Use it to tell everyone how you are getting on and how you are entertaining yourselves at home.  This would be  perfect place, for instance, to share your reading list or what movies or TV series you are binging on.
Pauline set up this excellent means to stay in touch and to support each other. Do yourself and the club a favour and join now!

Social Distancing in Practice

According to the channel 9 website, responsible, woke companies
are practicing social distancing...

Raffle Tickets

We will postpone the raffle until towards the end of the year; closer to the dates of the Sculpture Exhibition.
If you already have tickets feel free to continue to sell but no more tickets will be issued for a while. Thank you to all who got a jump start on this with personal contacts (almost 200 tickets have been sold) but we will hold off actively promoting the raffle until things settle down.

During isolation, keep your brains active!

(Answer below...)

Avoid Sneezing

(No need to sign in..just close the pop up box)

...and here are some guidelines from District to keep yourself and loved ones, safe.


In the Year 50AC (After COVID)


and for those still stumped by the parking problem...

That make it easier?
...and on that note, stay safe and well!
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May 11, 2020
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May 25, 2020
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